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As I promised, file with full version of Expert Advisor is in attachement. This copy of product will work till the end of August and after that time I will put another copy.

I show you now how to use it. First, you must download .ex4 file and save in directory where your terminal is keeping Expert Advisors. If you don’t know where is that directory – you can find it in a few simple steps. Open MT4 terminal and choose “File” -> “Open Data Folder”. Now go to “MQL4” -> “Experts” and put downloaded file there. You can now refresh list in “Navigator” window (Ctrl+N) and you will see “Price Action EA” in “Experts Advisors”. If you want to test strategy you must open “Strategy Tester” (Ctrl+R) and then set all the parameters. Here you have some instructions how to do it:
and also:

If you want to trade you can just simple attach “Price Action EA” to the chart of currency pair that you want to trade. You must remember that strategy will work only when you let it trade. In order to do it you must select “Allow automated trading” in “Options” window – Ctrl+O and “Expert Advisors” tab (or “Tools” -> “Options” -> “Expert Advisors”):

Second place where you must turn on automated trading is option “Allow live trading” in parameters of Expert Advisor. You can make it while attaching Expert Advisor to the chart or after that just by pressing F7.

Third place is icon with text “AutoTrading” in main window of MetaTrader 4 (Ctrl+E):

Fourth place is on parameters list (“Inputs”) of Expert Advisor. You must set “Trading” to “true”:

If you have turned on auto-trading in all places you should see smiley face in the upper right corner of your chart window.

If anything about functioning of Meta Trader 4 is unclear please, before asking, just google it. Google knows everything ;)

All the settings for each currency pair will be in different topics on this forum: