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@Carabama wrote:

Thank you Dominik for your work about Midnight EA I bought. Personnally I prefer the entries of the PAEC EA and I hope you will also publish it on mql5 when you feel the product is complete enough.

I feel concerned about the tests done with TDS and posted on mql5 about Midnight, which shows less exciting results, because in the past I came to the conclusion that only 2 things were truly reliable about giving a right idea of a product : live results, and TDS. I could avoid big losses when I stopped trading EAs that showed profitable on backtests made with Tickstory and at the same time not profitable on backtests (same periods) with real conditions made with TDS.

Best would be to test with conditions closer to reality, simulated slippage etc, with TDS.

I may be wrong but I feel common or Tickstory backtests of your PAEC EA will be closer to reality, compared to backtests of Midnight EA. And I thought you were going to publish PAEC EA first.

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keep your good work !


I’d like to improve and optimize Price Action to its final version ready to publish, but I have still problem with time. In case of Midnight please take a look to its topic here on forum (

I think that testing with Tickstory is also untrue as with TDS, because in both cases we don’t test EA on ticks and spread from our broker. For example, TDS with ticks from Dukascopy has much higher spreads as I have on Darwinex, especially at night. I’ve compared and analyzed it last days. For EA working at night as Midnight it can be very important difference. For EA that holds trades opened longer (as Price Action) and makes more profits spread isn’t so important and that’s why the way of testing isn’t so important too (Tickstory, TDS, etc.).

I hope that newest version of Midnight will “live” longer and I’ll be back to PA :)