Reply To: EURUSD M5 settings


It’s not the expert testing period, and in testing the accuracy! The accuracy of your test 90% and below (n/a). Those who are engaged in testing strategies and counselors know that the quality of testing in 99.9% is the most approximate to the reality. It is possible for example to compare your result with a test of 90% or less, the gap with the 01.01.2014 on 07.28.2016 and my test results with quality in 99.9% in the same interval. Believe me, the real result will be 99.9%.
In principle no problem to upload the full quotation from 2000 to the present day, to test and put the result here. Just take longer time for me, as a full quotation weigh very much.
In addition, in the last result, your quality of testing generally n/a.