Reply To: EURUSD M5 settings


You are absolutely right, DimaExtreme, but 90% accuracy is maximal in MT4. Maybe there is no need to use every tick for this strategy and interpolated data from M1 timeframe (it’s “every tick” in MT4) is enough for general testing, but anyway, if we want to have TRUE and precise results it’s obvious we must use really every tick. Another thing in MT4 Strategy Tester is that there are plenty of gaps and data errors during so long period and it’s inevitable 😡

Thank you for your excellent report. This StrategyQuant software is very good, I’m installing it right now for a test. Tell me, do you use this software only to analyze reports from MT4 or it can also test strategies instead of MT4? I mean, how you recieve so high % of modeling quality (accuracy)?

I think that we must use minimum period of 10 years for optimization parameters, what do you think?