Reply To: EURUSD M5 settings


That to get the complete quotations, you need to install the programm Tickstory. Then uploading the full quotation, you must getting optimization and testing, respectively. Resulting in a quality of 99.9%! However, the report itself the result of meager, so must resort to EA_Analizer programm.
Now for the period of optimization and of course the period of the test forward: the smaller timeframe, the less should be a period of optimization and forward test. For M5, it will be enough time to optimize and 2-3 years, and then drive on the forward period as the period before optimization and after. For example, the optimization period will be from 01.01.2012 to 01.01.2015 and formard-period from 01.01.2015 to the present time.
But once you want to absolutely fit for the story, and it is possible to optimize for 9 years, and last year to test survivability strategy obtained settings.