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@Rom wrote:

Hello dominik.
I have a problem
Hello, I want to test a strategy MT4 EA. I loaded the robot and the file set but unfortunately I have no order and not triggered curve statisitique vision. I send you the report. Can you tell me where is the problem? Thanking you. I see the scroll and graphic signals buy / sell but in the end Nothing
I asked MQL5 and the error 131, you have to see with you, they told me.
I see the arrows on the screen but by cons, no order and no curve


You didn’t send report, but I know where is the problem.

Error 131 means “ERR_INVALID_TRADE_VOLUME – Invalid trade volume” (

If you want to test EA you should set “Initial deposit” (“Tester” window Ctrl+R -> “Expert properties” -> “Testing” tab). I suggest to set 1000 USD. You should also set parameter “Lots_To_Margin_Percent” ( I suggest 10 ) or “Trade_Size_in_Lots” ( I suggest 0.1 ). “Auto_Lots_To_Margin” = True if you want to use auto-lots or False – if you want to use fixed lot.