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@fusion73 wrote:

Hi. My setfile after backtesting gives very good results but only 40 trades in 2 years. What can I change in order to get more trades except expiration which I already did without good results?
This is my setfile(sorry but I can’t upload it as .set)


“Buy_Sell_Stops_Expiration” should be changed (optimized) only together with “Stops_Distance_from_Extreme”. In order to get more trades you can optimize also “Min_Stop_Distance_to_TP=15” and some blocks of parameters as for example: “Candles_To_Take_To_TP”+”TP_Distance_from_Extreme”, “Candles_To_Room_to_the_left”+”Room_to_the_left”, “RSI_Period”+”RSI_Low_Level”, “ADX_Period”+”ADX_Low_Level”+”ADX_High_Level”.


P.S. Here you can learn more about optimization process of Price Action 2.0: