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@Carabama wrote:

Demo account is doing very well, while real account because of this strange loss is on negative profit. Could you please help me understand why such difference about orders can occur ?


Sorry for late answer. I was very busy (but I’m on Skype as always).

First question, what is the type of your real account (ECN/STP/NDD or MM)? If you have account with Market Maker your orders are instant instead of market and you can have many requotes – that’s why you can have differences between demo and real account. The same problem can be with slippage and spread. By the way, if something is wrong, you should always check and compare tabs “Journal” and “Expert” on both instances of MT4 (connected to demo account and real account) and you will see where exactly these differences occured and why. Sometimes the only solution is to change broker, because trades on demo account should be exactly the same as on real account (allowed differences can be in max. few points, i.e. few 1/10 pip).