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@Sathiyarajah wrote:

Hi Dominik

This is an excellent ea with low dd and i m looking forward to bt it on 5m tf i will post my tests here for short period
thanks for the great ea

and i have couple of question i will be delighted to here from you Dominik
tell me
1.Does it work on all brokers?
2.Is this ea is only for eurusd? or can i use it for other currencies as well?
3.Firstly when i was simply running the ea in strategy tester spreads max and minimum to play with due to the fact that most of the ea fails because of news and spreads. most of the brokers play with spreads so that, say floating average spread 0.012 some time you see with Exeness on Fridays and Mondays the spreads are extremely high (during opening and closing times of the broker) overall impression i got is non of the brokers are reliable and trust worthy when it comes to money, considering these facts that an ea should be able to trade at any time frame and from 0-100 (0-99) or (0-999) with in the x and y axis and i m looking for fixed spread broker to automate at least 3 or 4 pairs to make a living if you can suggest it will be a great help too.


1. It works on all brokers, but spread should be as low as possible.
2. It works on almost all currency pairs, but there are some better and some worse. I will publish the full list of them in a few days.
3. Please wait few days, I’ll publish the latest version of this EA and we will test it again.