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Hi. I am currently running … and … asia in my account. I would like to know if the trades will overlap so it will be dangerous to run also Midnight EA in the same account. If the logic is totally different I don’t care about the drawdown. Thanks for all your work.

Hi fusion73,

Midnight EA opens trades after 21:00 UTC (GMT) and before midnight. Trades can be opened for several hours and it’s hard to say how it will work with other EA together. You can check it in simple way just by putting everything on demo account… then you’ll know everything :)


Thanks for your answer, but my question was, if Midnight EA is a night scalper with the same logic so the trades would be very similar. I will try it on demo to check…

So you’ve answered yourself or that wasn’t a question 😆

By the way, I’ve just published list of improvements on MQL5 site ( – tab “Comments”), which I will try to add to the next version of Midnight EA and I will paste it also here:

    1. News filter.
    2. Possibility to set Hard-/Power-SL and TP – visible on chart.
    3. Possibility to set lot of size according to risk per position depending on SL.
    4. Limit of opened orders of one pair per day.
    5. Possibility to turn off trading in specified days of week.
    6. Additional information in “Comment” area.

I need some time to code it and test it, so please be patient and stay tuned!

There is no “news filter” in Midnight right now, so please watch out for the news with high and medium impact (for example today before and about midnight pairs with AUD, NZD and JPY are risky to trade, so keep that in mind and consider turning them off).

If anyone have some ideas, questions, opinions etc feel free to ask and write :)