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Mike Trend

Hi Dominik, i have purchased your Midnight.
Im gonna start on monday testing it on alpari pro-ecn account.
Is it normal having a couple of winnings of 15$ as you have on some gbp pairs? ( with a 0.01 lot) Im asking this because i wanted to estimate the EV ( expected value) with the data of your signal:
average profit = 0.39
average loss= -2.27
profit trades = 92.66%
loss trades = 7.34%
EV = (0.9266*0.39)-(0.0734*2.27)= 0.1947

This is the EV or the expected payout with the EA righ now, per 0.01 per trade.

I will post results from fxbook with my account to check the winning ratio per pair.

One question, is there a news filter in the next version? for example, 31 Jan losses are because of that ( CAD and NZD news). Checking the news calendar it seems to be news every day about NZD or AUD , what calendar do you check??

Good work with the EA , in my opinion , the news filter should decrease the loss trades % and increase the EV.