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@virux wrote:

well it just keep happening everyday, trades are opened every night but then not all of them got closed by the morning and they keep adding up more and more everyday.. i dont think there is a mt4 problem in particular as i have restarted it few times and there are no errors in the log files and of course autotrading is on and always has been. at the moment for example i got old trades running since the 15th february,
my broker is 4 digits, don’t know if this can be the cause.. do you have any suggestions ?

@Dominik wrote:


No, it wasn’t normal. It was problem with MT4, EA or just AutoTrading turned off.


It’s weird. Midnight was tested on 4-digit brokers and everything was ok. I’m monitoring Midnight on many accounts and many people also are sending me results from Midnight. Everytime it’s ok. Did you look at Journal and Expert tab before restarting MT4, but after orders opening and at the time that all orders should be already closed? It’s the most important to check if there are any errors or information few hours after opening trades without closing MT4. What broker and account do you use?