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Guys, problem is not with version 2.2 in comparison to 2.1, but in your VPS’es. I spoked today with many people and Forex Factory blocks IP if it will see that you are trying to connect more times from MetaTrader as user-agent. Version 2.1 was based on my server which took news from Forex Factory and its IP isn’t blocked by Forex Factory – that’s why for many of you checking news worked on old version. Another problem was/is with firewall blocking outgoing connections and some antiviruses or other software blocking saving files by MT4. Now Midnight keep data about news in its memory, so last problem that you can have is problem with connection to FF. I will add function to check connection to FF and we will see. I’m sure that on all (or almost all) VPSes from FXVM connection with FF is blocked by FF. Same on few other companies as I know.

By the way, it’s AUDCAD on my VPS: