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@Dominik wrote:

I’m sorry that I didn’t published the new version yesterday as I promised, but I found something intresting in the evening. From a few days I was working on that and finally I coded function that filters out opening orders during relatively too strong and relatively too weak trend (what in any case doesn’t bode well for the ability to predict the future price movement) by counting sizes of candles in comparison to growing/falling range and by measuring proportion of sum of candles to candles real body range. My goal is to create an algorithm with the ability to auto-adaptation to market conditions. I’m still working on it and optimizing to get the best results. Today is Friday and we won’t trade for the next 3 days, so I’ll publish new version over the weekend.

Regards and have a nice weekend!

That sounds nothing short of awesome and I am glad to be a part of it. Please take your time and also remember to have a nice weekend!