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We should test and see the stats on every pair and select best ones. Most important is the R/R ratio. If you can decrease that to around 2:1 (and not 10:1 like in the published version) that would be the best accomplishment. Winning 2 trades to make up for one loss is ok but winning 11 trades (for 10 losses + costs) is totally another. For me if I see such a large loss (10x than a win) I simply just remove the EA because I know logistically it will be impossible to catch up. Even if the EA can get out at a reasonable loss like … does in a losing trade – that would be acceptable before the full SL is hit. So my hope is that this has been fixed. Thanks for your help.

Of course, 10:1 is just ridiculous. R:R even in second version of Midnight was completely different than in first one (published on MQL), so there’s nothing to compare now. It’s better to focus on new version which became sth like new product, but based on same time window and similar assumptions. From the time of publishing first version, I published many another versions and in each one there was some improvement leading to minimize losses. Product is still under development, but it goes in a good direction.

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