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I started running a BT on EURCHF M15 with the preset that was posted with the latest 2.4 version but I stopped it since I noticed large losses versus small wins. Running with fixed 0.01 lots the Largest loss is -4.86 and the average win is 0.36 making for a R/R ratio of 13.5:1! To me that is unacceptable. It is worse than the original 10:1 in V 1.0. Any ideas?

Simple. Midnight doesn’t work on M15.

Guys, thanks for all posts. I’m still optimizing another (and also those ready) pairs. I consider all your comments and ideas, I test them and if it improves anything I implement to EA.

What about hours of opening orders – it doesn’t make sense to change them, because Midnight won’t work.

mayamak, hidden stops are removed from parameters and they are placed now only by algorithms of Midnight. I used visible/hard stops in new version that are placed automatically by EA after opening order. You can always override them, but I don’t recommend to do it. P.S. In current version you can disable info panel to synchronize Midnight with MQL VPS. Also you can disable time verification ad saving logs.

4xlee, I’ll check it. For now, to avoid opening more trades in one day per pair you can set “Limiting Method” to “Allow only one order per day”.

New parameters and filters that I added are based on price action and similar techniques. There is also volatility filter based on proportion between range reached and sizes of candles.

In attachment you can find set file for AUDCAD.

Here is the 99% backtest report on AUDCAD M30 with the posted preset. It seems that the RR ratio has improved to 5:1 now which is better but not great. It will take about 6 wins to breakeven with a loss (because the added execution costs). Seems that more tweaking is needed. Once other presets are posted I will test them. For now I will wait for a better RR ratio.