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@traderfx13 wrote:

@SteveGreen. Your presets did not test well. Stats with 99% M30 testing are not good. I tried almost all of them and ran for 2-3 months since 2013-Jan then I stopped the BT. The AUDCAD preset Dominik posted is the best so far. I recommend to wait for him to post more presets since he knows the details of his logic best. But hey, I am grateful you posted your presets so we could try. A big thank you!

I have only used one year of backtesting data. Also because optimization is so slow on real tick data i used control points what makes the optimization a bit more inaccurate. So far it doesnt look bad on forward test tho. We will see. Mine are geared more towards small profits and quick exits and Dominiks more for Profit maximization.
I will compare results over a longer period of forward testing.