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@didom wrote:

Well here’s the results. Looking good. There’s always going to be a loss that’s just the game we play.


Why is this ok? You just lost >10% in a day! Let me smoke from your stash please! The RR ratio of the EA needs to be improved.. If you guys don’t speak up then who will? The entire point of this thread is to voice your opinion and let Dominik know what this EA needs to be fixed. Saying this is OK to lose that much on a trade is enabling a bad future product. Either cut down on the SL or implement some smart exits to minimize the loss (hate to bring it up but like ) .. Come on guys.. let’s not encourage bad stats shall we? Stop trying to get the Brownie points and let Dominik know how you really feel about the stats you are getting with the EA. The Brownie points will be a good product!