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@didom wrote:

I don’t care what they say Dominik it’s getting better ;) Gotta take a loss sometimes folks that’s all there is to it.

Will post the monthly again at the end of the month based on a my own hosting at 20-30ms ping to Darwinex.

Indeed it is getting AWEFULLY better! ( this might save my eyes )
Please tell me about Darwinex, what is it about Darwinex that makes you guys think it is essential? I am testing Midnight on 2 other brokers
now and think the results are fair, but I could be way off, these are two brokers that are not particularly known for great spreads or quick
execution speeds, I am testing them because a) I already had accounts with them and b) I want to use one of them and c) I really want to
compare notes from them to Darwinex to see the difference. I opened an account at Darwinex but they only accept credit card and/or bank
wire manual process for deposit / withdraw so I am not too keen on them. I asked support about this and they gave me a strange answer.

Please advise about Darwinex and my questions if you can. Thanks!