Analyze and refine your strategy

If you want me to analyze and verify your strategy, you should describe it precisely and send it to me using the contact form below.


After only reading the description of strategy, it’s usually very difficult to understand the whole idea of it, so it’d be good if you could attach, e.g.:

  • screenshots from the trading terminal with closed positions based on your strategy,
  • indicator or EA that you use (don’t forget to describe how you use it),
  • access to the trading terminal in investor mode (it’s 100% safe; I can only see positions on your account, but I cannot trade or modify anything),
  • short movie showing opened and closed orders based on your strategy (preferably just a link to the video and video posted e.g. on YouTube).

Don’t forget to specify:

  • which financial instruments you trade (currency pairs, commodities, bonds, indices),
  • on what time frames (M1, M5, … W1, MN),
  • which trading platform you use, etc.

I’ll take a look at everything you send me completely free of charge and I will tell you what can be done.

Then, we will think together whether it makes any sense to develop your strategy further and if so how to do it.