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@medicine wrote:

Hello Dominik.
First I want to say that thank you for great work..
And I have some question
How can I use PA2.3 robot on a lot of chart with different pairs on same platform. Should I ı change the magic number for each chart.
Another question for each pair can I use the settings which you published before …Can ı use GBPUSD ,GUJPY.AUDUSD,NZDJPJ etc..settings on PA 2.3 version..
Thanks in advance…

Hi medicine. You’re welcome 8-)

You don’t need to change Magic Number on different pairs. Magic Number must be different than Magic Numbers on another EAs that you’re using on the same account (if any). If you want to use only Price Action EA on your account you don’t have to change Magic Number at all.

All settings optimized on previous versions should work the same (or almost the same) on new version. I always try to keep same names of parameters, but sometimes with new version there are some new parameters and in this case you should only take a look on them. You can always turn off all new parameters and then you’ll have almost the same EA as old versions. I still don’t have enough time to test and optimize new version with old settings, but I’ll do it soon. Last few months, I was working on Midnight EA, but it’s finally finished and I should have time now to get back to Price Action (by the way, here you can see some results of Midnight EA: