Reply To: EURUSD M5 settings


@sunny wrote:

waiting for other pairs for v1.3 to start using the EA. ;)

Hi my friend!

I’m working on first public version of second EA which will be soon published in topic “Price Action Moving Averages Strategy” – by the way, it will work on higher timeframe – H4 and it can be even better than Price Action EA, by using purer form of “price action” technique without so many filtering. So, that’s why I’m optimizing right now parameters for that system instead of Price Action Engulfing Candles EA. One of the main assumptions of this forum is to develop and improve all systems and parameters together, so I suggest you to try to optimize better parameters for another currency pairs (also for higher timeframes) and if you’ll find them you can upload them on the forum.

Currently, my priority is to publish all systems that I have and on which I’m working for some time. Besides, I promised many people to publish them soon ;) after that I will surely do everything what I can to make best parameters and share them with you.