Reply To: EURUSD M5 settings


@sameerbusiness wrote:

Well i did some changes on Setting and its giving me better results
Kindly do the testing and let me know if its working with u also

Monday and Friday was False i made it True
Start trading was 0 i made it 6
please do the backtest i am getting alot better results


I’m afraid that you’re using data from MetaQuotes which are not good. It’s better to optimize and test on good data with all ticks, without gaps etc, for example from Dukascopy. You can download and export them to your MT4 with Tickstory Lite. If you don’t know how to do it you can watch this video:

After exporting files and before opening MT4 you should prevent MT4 to overwrite your downloaded files from Tickstory. You can do this in two ways. By pressing button in Tickstory called “Launch Metatrader for Back-Testing”:

or by finding these files and setting attributes “read-only” to all of them.

By the way, after changing the parameters (about which you wrote) you can have better results if EA will trade on Mondays and Fridays, but you will also get so many losses that Profit Factor will decrease significantly. The same with Drawdown %, which will definitely increase.