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The journal ..

Error 131 means that the volume is invalid. You should verify that your lot size complies with parameters on your account.

You can download my indicator from this post:

Attach it to some chart and look at “Experts” tab. You will see all parameters of your account.

You can paste here 4 lines: “Minimum permitted amount of a lot”, “Maximum permitted amount of a lot”, “Lot size in the base currency” and “Step for changing lots”.

If you want to find a solution by yourself you should change parameter “Auto_Lots_To_Margin” to False and set parameter “Trade_Size_in_Lots” manually to 0.1, 0.2 or something else and start test again. Maybe minimum permitted amount of a lot on your account is higher than that what you set. You can also test EA on some other account (different broker), for example new demo account with Metaquotes.