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@Deacon21 wrote:

Hi Dominik, everyone.

Just done some backtests on EURUSD 5min, I used tickstory 2010 – end of 2016. Results look similar to yours with 99.90% modelling quality.
Reference: zip file attachment with back test results for 2010-2016

So my biggest thing with EA’s is people do so much curve fitting to make them look good, my question has this been done here? with all the different preset settings for each individual currency pair? because I then back tested this same pair (EURUSD) from 2007-2010, 3 years before the ideal preset for EURUSD on this forum. The results were terrible,
Reference: zip file attachment with back test results for 2007-2010

If the results for the 3 years before all the backtests have been done are this bad, in theory all forward tests are not going to look as good either. It’s a complex EA and the more complex an EA is the more people curve fit their results unintentionally most times.

Regards all.


EA for M5 was really overfitted with all those filters and I think it should be optimized without them on higher timeframes. I have many ideas how to improve this Price Action EA and get back to original idea – pure price action. When I’ll find some time I’ll do it for sure.