Reply To: AUDUSD M5 settings


@fusion73 wrote:

Hi. In the backtest I get numerous times this error: PRICE_ACTION_EA_2.0 AUDUSD,M5: SL too big: 75616 points from Sell Stop – changed to Max_SL: 3200 points.
Is this normal?


It isn’t error, it’s just an information. I wrote this algorithm to protect you from too big SL. 75616 points is too far away from Stop to ignore it and you should check your data on AUDUSD. I will explain you more precisely. If you use my set you should have: Candles_To_Take_To_SL=190 and SL_Distance_from_Extreme=250. It means that (in case of Sell Stop) EA will put Stop Loss 250 points (25 pips) over highest value taken from 190 candles from the past. If you have some “extra” candle or tick in your historical data (in past 190 candles from Stop, which gives this info) and that candle or tick is high above real highest value EA will check it and will protect you by putting SL to value from parameter “Max_SL”. Do you have any errors in report after backtest? If yes – download data from Tickstory (set attributes “read-only” to these new files) and start again.