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@wop1990 wrote:

Hello Dominik,

New to this forum but it looks amazing!
I was wondering if I could also be able to test the Midnight EA and is there a preferred brokerage for this forum for testing?

Cheers, :cheesygrin:

Hi wop1990 :)

Please write to me Private Message with your account number and I’ll send you Midnight EA version assigned to your account.

Here you can take a look at broker page which I suggest to use with Midnight EA (and other EAs):

And here you can see some results of Midnight EA (from almost 3 weeks of January): – in the meantime I removed 3 pairs from 16 (you’ll find all info in “What’s new” tab).

By the way, Midnight EA will be published soon on Market and I’m preparing limited promotion for all forum members to buy full unlimited version with lifetime updates for symbolic price. Promotion will be time-limited to max. 2-3 days. I hope that all users that will buy it will share results on forum and we will be able to make it even better and I’ll be able to code improvements (if will be any) so you all will have new version(s) automatically through MQL5 accounts direct in MT4.

Stay tuned 8-)