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@StevenGreen wrote:

Hello Dominik,

thanks for your great EA and your amazing support what is quite unusual. Your EA is running nicely so far the entrys are great a lot of winners.
I was just looking into ways on how to improve the performance even more and cut out some loosing trades.

I`m very happy that you are going to include a news filter on NZD and AUD to avoid these risky days.

There are also other ways to tell the EA not to enter a trade there like looking at the volatility or tick rate speed but as you have already mentioned the news filter i guess we will get the optimal solution ;)

I have one point for bug fixing (probably): if i set the GMT_Offset_For_Testing higher than 2 the backtests dont bring any results.

And actually one little request: Would it be possible to include a time based SL for testing? A simple sleep timer would do that closes trades after lets say 2 hours.

Thats all for now, wish you happy trading!

Hi Steven!

You’re welcome :)

1) We can trade on 16 or even more pairs, so I think that news filter based on economic calendar should be enough – even if there will be news with high or medium impact for several pairs we will still have some pairs to trade without risk of impact of news. If this solution will be not enough – I will add algorithm based on volatility or tick rate speed as you said and we’ll test it ;)

2) You’re good that you catched this bug with offset calculating ;) I’ve already removed this bug few days ago, but I didn’t change the version of Midnight that I sent to, because I didn’t want to wait another 10 days for a check new file by MQL staff etc.

3) I’ve already tested different ways to close the trades which are too long opened, few months ago. As I can remember closing orders with timer didn’t give better results than normal SL as in current version, because some of those orders opened for a longer time than 4 or 8 hours have been finally closed with profit. Maybe there is some other way to predict if trend is strong enough in opposite direction that our order doesn’t have any chance to get back in profit.

I have many ideas, but i didn’t code and optimize them all YET :)

Regards and good luck!