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Hello Dominik,

thanks for your great EA and your amazing support what is quite unusual. Your EA is running nicely so far the entrys are great a lot of winners.
I was just looking into ways on how to improve the performance even more and cut out some loosing trades.

I`m very happy that you are going to include a news filter on NZD and AUD to avoid these risky days.

There are also other ways to tell the EA not to enter a trade there like looking at the volatility or tick rate speed but as you have already mentioned the news filter i guess we will get the optimal solution ;)

I have one point for bug fixing (probably): if i set the GMT_Offset_For_Testing higher than 2 the backtests dont bring any results.

And actually one little request: Would it be possible to include a time based SL for testing? A simple sleep timer would do that closes trades after lets say 2 hours.

Thats all for now, wish you happy trading!