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Bought your system and after few days of Demo testing I see potential here. When the new changes come I feel confident to start live system.

Wanted to ask about money management. I´m having small difficulties to determine risk level what would be suitable for the system. I want to run 16 pairs and in that case is the risk level lots to balance = 10. If you would run 8 pairs should you use lots to balance = 20 to have about same risk level?

2nd issue is the base currency. If you base currency is something else then USD system automatically calculates wrong LOT sizes. In my case I use AUD so I use 25% smaller risk level to compensate the AUD/USD = 0,75 currency level. It might be a nice option if system could recognize different base currency and adapt to it daily. Second option is that I just adapt the level once as AUD/USD 0,7 – 0,77 .

Base currency is not the biggest issue here, but maybe some day you could think about it. I just happens that some of these ECN brokers are giving best trade conditions for AUD accounts.