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@Toofar wrote:

Here’s what the EA did so far. Happy customer !

The magic of these result is that I put the “spread to trade” to 35 !!!
XM broker with an account of 50€+XM Bonus that give 75€

So far so good, congratulation Dominik and thanks.

Hi! Great!

I’ll prepare the latest beta-version of Midnight, which will be available here until the time of its publication on MQL.
I sent Midnight over 1 week ago to MQL and we’re still waiting. I even made another improvements, but I can’t disturb process of first update 😡

You know what is the most important for me? I’d like to give you version with all these improvements right now and I’ll do it, because current situation is not right.
I’ll try to publish new beta-version today, so all my friends/clients/customers can have it, optimize it and test it.