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@Dominik wrote:

It’s weird. Midnight was tested on 4-digit brokers and everything was ok. I’m monitoring Midnight on many accounts and many people also are sending me results from Midnight. Everytime it’s ok. Did you look at Journal and Expert tab before restarting MT4, but after orders opening and at the time that all orders should be already closed? It’s the most important to check if there are any errors or information few hours after opening trades without closing MT4. What broker and account do you use?

I’ve tried different brokers (demo accounts) such as fxpro, fort fs, forex4you and roboforex both 4 and 5 digits accounts and now I can confirm the EA behaves differently… on the 5 digits it closes all trades by the morning with an average profit between 1 and 2 pips while on the 4 digits it closes just some of the trades on the same day while the majority stay open for days with an average profit between 10 and 20 pips.. please have a look yourself and see if you can replicate this situation, to me it happens with all the brokers i tried..