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Hi friends!

New beta-version of Midnight with number 2.2 is ready.

Source of news is now Forex Factory directly from their www, so you should add address to allowed URLs. In the near future I’ll add possibility to use other sources, now you can see new parameter “News Source” with only 1 option. I’ll work on it to add another (dailyFX etc…).

Now verification of time and timezone in your operating system is based on external website, so you should add to allowed URLs or set Disable_Time_Verification to False if you don’t want to use it. This option (if active) will check if your time is correct, if not you will see information about it in message box.

Another parameter added to new version is “Saving MT4 Resources Or Slow Computer”. If set to Yes – Midnight will add 1000ms delay to his functionality after each new tick, so you will be able to use much more charts in one MT4 instance (not only with Midnight, but other indicators, EAs etc, everything what you want).

At the end of parameters I added new section “Colors” where you can set color of background and border of box in “Comment” area.

Besides of that, what can be seen I optimized a lot of code and add some improvements, among others some intelligent delays to news filter for PCs/VPSs with problems with multiple connections at the same time etc etc.