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@Carabama wrote:

So far my experiences with Midnight and Price Action EA :

With Midnight EA global loss is 20x bigger than win, tight TP and large SL even with recent version (?!!!)…and 25% profit in a month with Price Action EA. I don’t understand why Dominik you choosed to develop Midnight first. The entries I see on charts are often very bad, as selling AUCAD last night during a strong up trend at asian session, where AUD can get force easily.

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Do you know that there were MEDIUM impact news announced yesterday on AUD?

In next step, I’ll give you possibility to change hours for start and stop for opening orders in Midnight and some other parameters. Midnight will become “universal” and we will be able to make that Midnight will work just as each other night scalper that is on the market and even better, because of possibilities of customization. All that we will need to do then is to make optimizations of it. I can’t promise that last stable version of Midnight will be tomorrow, but it will be here sooner or later for sure. Even if I don’t write here or on MQL5 I’m still working on it and it gets better each one day.

Regardless of all the idiots met on MQL5 I don’t regret publishing Midnight there, because I met many wise and valuable people and many of them are now here when we can together make the best night scalper :) All those who thoughtlessly criticize something in the first phase of development (by the way, who gave relative such a low amount of money), they are people with whom I won’t discuss in general and I won’t descend to their level of intellectual swamp. It’ll be a waste of my time, effort and life. It’s better to focus on creating something constructive and stick to smart people.

What about Price Action. It will be developed further, but I’m only 1 guy pushing forward this whole development/backtests/optimizations.


P.S. There are many people that bought Midnight on MQL, but they can’t get here… and unfortunately I can’t write about it on MQL, because I’ll be banned. So, if anyone of you is in contact with any buyer that isn’t yet here please invite him to forum and I’ll activate his account. They can also write to me on Skype and I’ll give them link to forum.