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@davidbarbi69 wrote:

Hello, despite I included in URLs I received
– before a pop-up to add forexfactory or disable news
– then the message “TRADING BLOCKED” for all pairs on 2 brokers (only disabling news trading is allowed)

attache images:

I’m doing something wrong?

On USDCHF I have a timezone error time

Can you help me please?


I wrote you on your Skype.

If difference in your time is more than 5 minutes than correct time (or timezone on PC/VPS is wrong) you’ll see information that information.

Problem with Trading Blocked was because of small bug in code (if 1 pair has low impact news, and second has no news it was blocked even on MEDIUM chosen). In max. 2 hours you’ll see here new version without this bug and another small improvement. Sorry for that bug.

If you see (-1,-1) in area with news it means that you didn’t add forexfactory URL to allowed URLs or you don’t have connection with internet. Added address must be exactly same as you see here: (don’t use https or something else).

Let’s summarize! You need 3 addresses to add to allowed URLs: forexfactory ( for the news, ( for time verification of your PC/VPS and theinvestbay ( to check license of Midnight.

P.S. Problem of David solved: outgoing connections to Forex Factory IP are blocked by his VPS.