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@johmuster wrote:

Hi Dominik,

First of all, I really appreciate your efforts to improve the EA, hopefully we will find the holy grail :D
I still think this is a very good approach.

When do you think we can test a newer version?


Here is new version, by default DailyFX as news source. Don’t forget to add before you start using it.

Values in parentheses (X,Y) in comment area (news section) represent first detected news impact for first and second currency that will block trading according to your settings.
If you want to block trading during ALL impact news, you can see each value between 0 and 3. And for example, if EURCHF will have news with LOW impact for EUR and NONE for CHF, you will see (1,0). To block this pair you have to set parameter “Block Trading During News” to “With all possible impacts”.

Another example, if you set “Block Trading During News” to “With all possible impacts” Midnight will know that even LOW impact news is enough to block trading, so it won’t search for another news on that pair. That’s why even if there are some MEDIUM or HIGH impact news later you will see LOW (1,..) if first found by Midnight news has LOW impact. If you change parameter to block trading during MEDIUM and higher impact news – Midnight will found first MEDIUM or HIGH impact news and block trading. I hope it’s easy to understand what I’ve just written :)