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@didom wrote:

I think I know what’s happening the function WebRequest can take multiple calls. One is with 7 parameters and another with 9 parameters. You’re using the 9 parameters one with referrer. The one used in the example is 7 parameters which functions slightly differently. Referrer is replaced with headers in the 7 parameter version which allows you to change the User-Agent. ;)

I’ll check it later (just out of curiosity :) ). Here you have version that will work with http and https for news from DailyFX and FF and also for time server. Whatever you put in allowed URLs (recommended is https) it will work for you.

I created proxy on one of my Linux VPS and I added 2 parameters to connect to DailyFX and FF through this server. Use it only if necessary – if you can’t connect directly to news server. To use proxy you should add to allowed URLs.