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For both news servers and time server you can use both http and https in newest version, because I added both (http and https) to algorithms checking news and time. If you use http their sites redirect anyway to https, so it doesn’t change too much.

For “” you don’t need for now any URL, but is and will be always correct. If there will be any update checking anything on theinvestbay in future you should have http.

To last version I added my server for proxy (indirect) connection with news servers. So if your IP is blocked on FF or DailyFX server, but you want to use their news you can use connection through proxy and you should add to allowed URLs address: and that’s all.


P.S. DaveSarge, all the remaining pairs are set to default parameters. I don’t recommend trading CHFJPY, GBPJPY and AUDNZD for now.