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Hello all
I have set up latest version and going to bed all is good then in morning I get this
any ideas?

add in WebRequest:

thanks for getting back. I have added all those. I just don’t have the s on the end of http. I read a comment from dom saying you don’t need it.

Yes. You don’t need https, you can use http as well. Maybe your VPS’s IP is blocked on DailyFX server or you just don’t have connection to DailyFX, because of some firewall? Try to use DailyFX or FF through my proxy. You should add to allowed URLs. Regards!

Hey thanks for getting back
yes I have already added your proxy.
I have set up and get connected to news server then sometime later ( in my night ) it gets disconnected.

You must change in parameters for news filter to use this proxy. If you didn’t.