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Eroll Zach

@traderfx13 wrote:

I started running a BT on EURCHF M15 with the preset that was posted with the latest 2.4 version but I stopped it since I noticed large losses versus small wins. Running with fixed 0.01 lots the Largest loss is -4.86 and the average win is 0.36 making for a R/R ratio of 13.5:1! To me that is unacceptable. It is worse than the original 10:1 in V 1.0. Any ideas?

Maybe try a backtest on 30M since the EA won’t work on any other timeframe?!

Also, no backtest will be able to consider the news. Will be impossible to know which trades EA wold take in real world, and many of them, wins or losses, will be filtered by news.

@mayamak wrote:

Some brokers like LMAX prepeared it’s system for night traders. They are charging swaps when most of Night EAs are starting it’s work.

So you are saying LMAX will charge swaps before new day starts? I don’t think i saw any other broker doing that.