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@StevenGreen wrote:

I want to share my one of my optimizations here. I only used pairs with good profit potential in this one. I do have another set that does only very safe trades but doesnt trade very often.

There are two set files for EURCHF and USDCHF, one with lower risk and one with higher.
The higher one can go into drawdown but should be easily outweighted by the profits.
Personally i use both of them so i have an overall of 14 charts.

For ECN Broker i would recommend a max spread 25 – 30.

Yesterdays trades:

@SteveGreen. Your presets did not test well. Stats with 99% M30 testing are not good. I tried almost all of them and ran for 2-3 months since 2013-Jan then I stopped the BT. The AUDCAD preset Dominik posted is the best so far. I recommend to wait for him to post more presets since he knows the details of his logic best. But hey, I am grateful you posted your presets so we could try. A big thank you!