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I don’t care what they say Dominik it’s getting better ;) Gotta take a loss sometimes folks that’s all there is to it.

Jeronimo now that you have the sacred data you must not worship it. The backtests are all well and good to give you an idea of whether the bot will eat your account or uses bad strategies like martingale, hedging etc.

Ideally that data would give you an indicator of how the brokers should play which sadly isn’t the case. You then need to forward test on your chosen brokerage. Would suggest you use Darwinex as this is what the EA was made for. Use Dominik’s link if your registering and he can get a kickback for his referral which I find fair dues.

This EA has passed the backtests and forward testing of a month which some of the $500 dollar EAs have not :P So $50 EA outperforms $500. So yeah I’d say that’s pretty fucking good wouldn’t you?

Will post the monthly again at the end of the month based on a my own hosting at 20-30ms ping to Darwinex.