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Here is new version of Midnight EA with number 2.7. Proxy option was removed, because that server is temporarily unavailable. If your IP isn’t blocked by FF or DailyFX news will work. If IP is blocked it means that something is wrong by your side (your VPS side) or traffic is blocked (maybe time to change your VPS?), because FF and DailyFX don’t block IPs without any reason. Ok, nevermind. So, current version of Midnight EA is similar to 2.5, with some optimizations and small changes. It should work better now, but of course it’s not all that I want to achieve. (For all curious people: In the meantime there was version 2.6, but only for some testing purposes.)

In 2.7 version you’ll find several new parameters: 1st- and “2nd Additional Currency For News Filter”. You can add there currency/-ies that is/are correlated (or has/have impact) to your pair and you want to avoid trading when there are news on that/those additional currency/-ies. I hope it’s simple and understable. You can put there, e.g. AUD if you trade NZDUSD.

Another 3 parameters determines hours of opening orders: “Open trades at 21”, “Open trades at 22” and “Open trades at 23”. For now, only 21 is turned on by default.

And last thing, you can choose different timeframes to test Midnight, maybe you’ll find something better than M30 :)

Soon, I will add some new experimental functions to Midnight. If you have guys any ideas feel free to write about them. You can also leave me direct messages through chat on this website.