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@JT_Mays wrote:

Happy New Year Dominik

After starting up MT4 again after the Holiday break, all charts with Midnight EA 2.7 show an error message “Midnight EA: License expired!” I assume you internally coded V2.7 to expire on Dec 31 2017? Will you be posting an updated version that we can run in 2018?



Thank you very much and the same to you and everyone else reading this post!

Yes, of course that I’ll publish new version of Midnight. I won’t leave you all in the lurch :|

The first two weeks of January have already passed and the market is “more stable” – if we can say it at all about sth that is unpredictable :)

Version of Midnight published in this post is without ANY limitations, have over 2500 lines of code and is free for members of this forum. Enjoy!