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@fusion73 wrote:

Hi. In USDCAD backtest I get : PRICE_ACTION_EA_2.0 USDCAD,M5: SL_Follow_Points_from_Price (10) is lower than minimum possible (30)! When I change value to 30 the backtest is not good. My broker stop level is zero. What could be the problem?


The problem is that stop level with your broker for tested currency pair is not 0 – it’s 30, because your account/broker/symbol “says” so :) Expert Advisor takes this number directly from your MT4.

I made indicator for you. You should put it in “…/MQL4/Indicators/” and open MT4. Add this indicator to the chart with currency pair that you want to test. Open tab “Experts” in “Terminal” window (Ctrl+T) and you will see information about your Account, Symbol and Terminal. Line with “Stop level in points” is your minimum stop level that you can use with your broker on chosen currency. I use broker which has always min. stop level = 0 for each one currency pair. If there is something unclear you can write to me on Skype.


p.s. If you want to change “SL_Follow_Points_from_Price” to 30 (or few points above 30) you should optimize it together with “SL_Follow_Min_Distance_from_SL” to have reliable results.

p.s.2. I have one idea. Try to download ticks from Tickstory, but change Stop Level from 30 to 0, as you see on screenshot below: