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    Hello everyone!

    After many years of using different Virtual Private Servers from all over the world, I’ve finally found really good VPS that has really good performance, ulra low ping (latency) to many brokers and the price, in my opinion, is unbeatable. That’s why I would like to recommend you to check it out and use it, no matter if you trade with some arbitrage system, high frequency trading or really fast scalping or maybe you just use some other EA.

    I’ve already made many different tests and I’d like to share with you some results.

    First let’s see available plans and pricing:

    As you see, in comparison to other good VPSes, e.g. FXVM, UltraFX or BeeksFX, the prices are really good in proportion to what we receive in return (e.g. 2xCPU + 2GB RAM + SSD etc. for $14.99/month).

    Let’s see some more specification:

    We have possibility to choose location of our server in one from 3 data centers – I always choose London, of course, because my main broker is Darwinex:

    For all traders interested in dedicated IP we also have possibility to add it to the order – IP for HFT/Arbitrage $2.99 USD:

    I’ve already tested many brokers that have servers located in London and this is how latency results look like (tested in MT4):

    I’ve also made ping tests to some most-used live servers of several brokers (to the same port as used by MT4, mainly 443) to check stability of latency.
    Unfortunately Windows can’t show us results with more accuracy than 1ms if value is lower (it shows 0ms or 1ms if latency is below or approx. 1 ms).

    Let’s check it out, first LMAX:

    Also LMAX, but this time after 1000 attempts:


    FX PIG:





    EXNESS: (GAIN Capital):






    And that’s all for now if it comes to latency testing.

    In case to test performance of those servers I recommend you to choose one and just test it by yourself, because every trader has different needs, but I suspect you won’t be disappointed ;)


    Regards and have a nice day!

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    Hi guys!

    I’ve got especially for you 2 coupons with price cut for all above mentioned VPS services :mrgreen:

    Coupon with 3% price cut that works with all monthly subscriptions: 80KUYG6G3V

    Coupon with 5% price cut that works with all annual subscriptions: 8GOOCEY811


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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